During Paris Photo 2017
Diploma film sets
Diploma film posters
Diploma project by Hélène Portier
Twins objects
Diploma project by Elise Migraine
Beyond Fields
Diploma project by Pietro Alberti
Diploma project by Thomas Faucheux
Déguster l'augmenté
Diploma project by Erika Marthins
Distal Extension
Diploma project by Salomé Chatriot
I never promised you a garden
Diploma project by Mélanie Courtinat
Broken story
A director persists in continuing the filming he began while floods are gradually destroying the city.
Tiago goes everyday outside the house to feed the crocodile that killed his brother.
A young man, Iago, wakes up in a hospital waiting room and finds out that he now has to look after his 3yr old brother who he’s never met.
Another Hurried Man
A man must deliver a package to a city that he once had fled and which he fears.
Niels, a twenty-year-old young man, rediscovers a friend became professional rap artist.
Leila is a croupier at the casino and sleeps at the hotel. A roommate arrives and disturbs his daily life.
A couple have withdrawn to the countryside in an attempt to get the woman out of her depression.
Les intranquilles
Three young men dressed in military uniforms roam around a ghost town. Walking, taking breaks in a variety of landscapes, they decide to go and see the sea, perhaps for the last time.
Dancing Encounters
A virtual dance. A futuristic blind-date. Two Two geeky and solitary players will meet for the first time and struggle with an unpredictable reality.
Let’s break the sky and take a piece
5 year old Abigail is having a difficult time connecting with her mother after the recent death of her father. One day in her garden, she sees a wolf she claims is a sign of him.
Diccionario Lukumí-Español
Diploma project by Laura-Issé Tusevo
Diploma project by Thomas Le Provost
Diploma project by Marine Giraudo
Permanent Culture: A Manual for Sustainable Living
Diploma project by Valentin Kaiser
Diploma project by Sereina Kessler
May Jailer – Sirens
Diploma project Sabrina Vega
The Magic Theatre
Diploma project by Matthieu Visentin
Next Eleven Paper
Diploma project by Giacomo Bastianelli
Finders Keepers Leaders
Diploma project by Clément Gicquel
Diploma projet by Benoît Brun
Grandmaster Mind
Diploma project by Amaury Hamon
Diploma project by Ariane Delahaye
Purple Country
Diploma project by Sebastian Davila
Fault Zone
Diploma Project by Angélique Stehli
Another Hydra
Diploma Project by Cécilia Poupon
Made in China 2025
Diploma Project by Gregory Monnerat
Encoding Database
Diploma Project by Anaïs Leu
Diploma Project by Marvin Leuvrey
Behind Closed Doors
Diploma Project by Tanya Kottler
Corpus Muros
Diploma Project by Benjamin Hurni
Diploma Project by Carmen Grange
Roma Invicta
Diploma Project by Yasmina Gonin
Laurent is away
Diploma Project by Jeanne Favre
Alter Ego
Diploma Project by Claire Bourrassé
Aporetic Spectacle
Diploma project by Florian Amoser
Piguet Galland x ECAL
Collaboration with Piguet Galland bank.
Evaluations 2AV
"Corps-concept" Exhibition
From 21 My to 19 November at the Maison d'Ailleurs in Yverdon-les-Bains
Rendre (in)visible - Workshop by Nicolas Barradeau
Workshop about the qualities of light led by Nicolas Barradeau
"Walk With Pierre Hardy" in Tokyo
Exhibition ECAL & Pierre Hardy, Tokyo
Typographic Interpretation of an Architectural Model
Workshop with Karl Nawrot, Lyon
Workshop with Ludovic Balland, Basel
Beasts and Spirits
Workshop with Tina Braegger
Workshop Peter Knapp
Workshop with Peter Knapp
Workshop Antje Peters
Workshop with Antje Peters
IKEA Festival – Let’s Make Room for Life
IKEA invites LMX, a collective of ECAL Bachelor Fine Arts and Bachelor Media & Interaction Design students, to produce acrylic paintings with a programmable machine. Using the extensive possibilities of randomness, colour mix, superposition and serial production provided by the machine, the students create numerous artworks.
Elite Hotel by ECAL
Collection of bedroom furniture, linen and accessories for hostelry
More Rules for Modern Life
Selection of pieces by ECAL Bachelor Industrial Design and Bachelor Fine Arts students
More Rules for Modern Life
A selection of pieces by ECAL Bachelor Industrial Design and Bachelor Fine Arts students under the guidance of Christophe Guberan and Stéphane Kropf. Exhibition curated by John M Armleder.
Das Kriminalmuseum
Projet de semestre de Sylvan Lanz
27.03.1977 ((1706:50))
Projet de semestre d'Amaury Hamon
Targeting Consciousness
Projet de semestre de Thomas Le Provost
Error is Human
Installation mixte, robots Thymio (EPFL/Mobsya), commissioné par le Vitra Design Museum.
Les Teintureries
Set design of a play in partnership with students from Theater School Lausanne, Les Teintureries
Three Specific Installations
Projet de semestre de Sylvan Lanz
Coffee cup
Agora Biennale of Bordeaux Competition, 2017 edition
Square Circle Triangle
A family of 3 objects realized by the 1st year students
Semester projects
Series of projects created during the 1st semester project of 3rd year Media&Interaction Design. Tutors: Cyril Diagne, Alain Bellet, Christophe Guignard