Among its missions, ECAL leads activities of research and development (R&D) at various levels:

  • design and experimentation of original and innovative artistic contents in the fields of visual communication, product design and visual arts
  • project methodology
  • history and theory of visual arts and applied arts.


R&D activities aim at:

  • deepening theoretical and practical knowledge in the disciplines taught at the ECAL
  • widening the teaching, particularly at Master level, to new topics, artistic practices and techniques
  • stimulating interdisciplinary experiences and practices
  • developing collaborations and exchanges with academic, professional and institutional circles on a regional, national and international scale.

To achieve its goals, the R&D department of ECAL initiates and coordinates different kinds of research:

Theoretical research

It is a research that mainly concentrates on the theoretical aspects of art and design in the particular fields of history, aesthetics and methodology.

Research-project or Applied research

It is a research that consists in doing a creative project that satisfies an explicit and rigorous theoretical and methodological framework: question of research, working hypotheses and validation system of the results.


It is a research that supports a creative process in product design, visual communication or visual arts. It is a research that contributes to the culture of the discipline.

Finally ECAL encourages creative activities which, although not originally identified as R&D, can lead to original research problems in the fields of visual and applied arts.

R&D department maintains narrow links with regional and national bodies. He is a member of the Réseau de Compétences Design et Arts Visuels de la HES-SO (RCDAV), the Swiss Design Network (SDN) and the Swiss Art Research Network (SARN).

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Heart of glass, Research project 10183

Heart of glass
Research project, ECAL 2015