Master Fine Arts

Contemporary art is a richly varied field in which professions and specialisations are constantly being redefined. This programme is for holders of a Bachelor’s degree who are passionate about various aspects of this discipline – be it as an artistic practice or through a more theoretical, curatorial approach. This Master offers a unique opportunity to gain insider understanding of the contemporary art scene by experiencing its mechanisms as one of its fully-fledged actors art scene.

In particular, students are invited to temporarily join an institution of their choice so as to study the latter’s procedures and people who gravitate around them. The results of this research may be presented in the form of an artwork, exhibition project or publication. In the framework of courses provided on the ECAL premises by renowned practitioners and theoreticians, the students are involved in workshops, research work and exhibition development. They also have the benefit of the ECAL multidisciplinary course of lectures.

From pure artistic practice to exhibition curatorship, via writing, teaching or research, the range of opportunities is all the wider by creating an exceptional portfolio.

Stéphanie Moisdon, Paris

Luc Andrié
Valentin Carron, Martigny
Stéphanie Moisdon, Paris
Denis Savary

Philippe Azoury, Paris
Will Benedict, Paris
François Cusset, Paris
Patricia Falguières, Paris
Tristan Garcia, Paris
Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Paris
Fabian Marti, Zurich
Mélanie Matranga, Paris
Federico Nicolao, Paris
Vincent Normand, Paris
Pamela Rosenkranz, Zurich
Emmanuel Rossetti, Basel
Bea Schlingelhoff, Zurich

Visiting lecturers
Daniel Baumann, Bâle
Alexandra Bachzetsis, Zürich
Pierre Bismuth, Bruxelles
Thomas Boutoux, Paris
Etienne Chambaud, Paris
Jean-Max Colard, Paris
Gallien Déjean, Paris
Willem De Rooij, Berlin
Claire Fontaine, Paris
Yoann Gourmel, Paris
Thomas Hirschhorn, Paris
Michel Houellebecq, Paris
Pierre Joseph, Paris
Laurent Le Bon, Metz
Serge Lemoine, Paris
Balthazar Lovay
Valérie Mavridorakis
Nathaniel Mellors, Londres
Catherine Millet, Paris
Hans Ulrich Obrist, Londres
Vincent Pécoil, Paris
Gerwald Rockenschaub, Berlin
Georgia Sagri
Julia Scher, Cologne
Jeremy Shaw, Berlin
Alexandre Singh, New York
Sandra Terdjmann, Paris
Eric Troncy, Dijon


Lucas Erin

Shirin Yousefi

Admission requirements

Yearly fees

CHF 1925. –

Giulio Scalisi, Diplomé 2016

Francesco Cagnin, Diplomé 2016

Bad Weather, 2015 - Publication edited by the students and Will Benedict

Matthias Sohr, Diplomé 2013

Emil Michael Klein, Diplomé 2013

Emanuele Marcuccio, Diplomé 2015

Tina Bragger, Diplomé 2015

Agathe Naito, Graduation 2020

Jean Bourgois, Diplomé 2016