Bachelor Photography

From artistic photography to commissioned work, via still-life, documentary, portrait or fashion, this programme is for students passionate about photography as a medium and wishing to sharpen their eye and refine their technique. Prospective, pragmatic and experimental, this Bachelor course is provided in the framework of the Visual Communication Department, which concurrently offers crossover courses and projects enabling students to acquire multidisciplinary skills (graphic design, interaction design, film).

Through courses and workshops provided by major photographers on the international scene, the students become seasoned in the various fields (editorial, documentary and artistic) of photography. Involvement in exhibitions, publications or assignments commissioned by institutions provides an actual immersion into the professional world. The students also benefit from a wide range of theoretical courses and conferences on the ECAL premises.

The skills and projects acquired throughout the curriculum serve to produce a portfolio to the highest technical and aesthetic standards of actual professional practice. Whether they intend to work on applied or self-assigned photography projects, but also in art direction or creating moving images, either self-employed or working for a company, students who train at ECAL have a wide range of opportunities to choose from when they complete their CV. If they so wish they may also pursue in their chosen discipline by doing the new Master Photography at ECAL or an equivalent programme in another institution.

Head Visual Communication
Vincent Jacquier

Head Photography
Milo Keller

Anoush Abrar
Laurence Bonvin, Berlin
Milo Keller
Natacha Lesueur, Paris
Marco Poloni, Berlin

Multidisciplinary fields professors
Alain Bellet
Angelo Benedetto
Claus Gunti, Berne
Vincent Jacquier
Violène Pont
François Rappo
Pauline Saglio
Anouk Schneider
Joël Vacheron, Lisbonne

Sébastien Agnetti
Séverine Barde
Sami Benhadj
Estelle Blaschke
Angelo Cirimele, Paris
Matthieu Gafsou
Nicolas Haeni
Nathalie Herschdorfer
Philippe Jarrigeon, Paris
Christian Joschke, Lyon
Jonas Marguet
Cyrille Piguet
Pierre Ponant, Paris
Paolo Roversi, Paris
RVB Books, Paris
Orsola Valenti
Sebastian Vargas

Visiting lecturers
Viktoria Binschtok, Berlin
Lucas Blalock, New York
Olaf Breuning, New York
Adam Broomberg, Londres
Stefan Burger, Zurich
Pierre Debusschere, Bruxelles
Brice Dellsperger, Paris
Marco De Mutiis, Winterthur
Ruth Erdt, Zurich
Jason Evans, Londres
Erwan Frotin, Paris
Julien Gallico, Paris
Yann Gross
Michel Guerrin, Paris
Claus Gunti, Bern
Ren Hang † , Bejing
Pieter Hugo, Le Cap
Ina Jang, New York
Erik Kessels, Amsterdam
Peter Knapp, Paris
Nico Krebs (Tonk), Berlin
Thomas Mailaender, Paris
Michel Mallard, Paris
Mazaccio & Drowilal, Toulouse
Théo Mercier, Paris
Talyo Onorato (Tonk), Berlin
Christian Patterson, New York
Harri Peccinotti, Paris
Antje Peters, Berlin
Walter Pfeiffer, Zürich
Alex Prager, Los Angeles
Peter Puklus, Budapest
Augustin Rebetez
Maya Rochat
Daniel Sannwald, Londres
Joachim Schmid, Berlin
Jürgen Teller, London
Camille Vivier, Paris
Lukas Wassmann, Zurich
Mirjam Wirz, Zurich
Francesco Zanot, Milan
Renate Buser, Basel
Antony Cairns, London

Artistic deputy
Julien Gurtner

Gianni Camporota
Elisa Ribeiro
Olivia Schenker
Yul Tomatala

Technologies centre
Vincent Jacquier
Tibor Udvari 

Admission requirements

6 semesters

Yearly fees
CHF 1925. –

180 ECTS

Qualification issued
Bachelor of Arts HES-SO in Visual Communication, major in Photography

During Paris Photo 2019
Diploma Project by Alexandra Trotobas
Good Mourning
Diploma Project by Charlotte Tronchot
Khaled, Going Back and Forth
Diploma Project by Hugo Plagnard
You Are Always Somewhere Else
Diploma Project by Théa Giglio
Diploma Project by Luna Conte
Diploma Project by Yul Tomatala
Au promeneur
Diploma Project by Arthur Lehmann
Maison Libre
Diploma Project by Eliott Villars
Global Solutions
Diploma Project by Romain Roucoules
New Dawn Fades
Diploma Project by Corentin Leroux
Diploma Project by Guillaume Lamarre
I Come From A Long Line Of Men
Diploma Project by Lucie Deluz
Floating View
Diploma Project by Cynthia Ammann
Beyond the Marina
Diploma Project by Aurore Bonami
Speculative Horizon
Diploma Project by Guillaume Baeriswyl
Subjective Archive
Diploma Project by Adrien Sgandura
A lingua do Mar
Diploma Project by Elisa Ribeiro
Like a movie
Diploma Project by Fanny-Laure Bovet
Moins Zéro
Workshop with Denis Roueche and Prune Simon-Vermot
Mise en Espace
Workshop with Anja Schori
Workshop Mode Suisse
Workshop with Peter Puklus and Noir Associates for the 15th edition of Mode Suisse