Bachelor Media & Interaction Design

Successfully bridging several disciplines around visual communication, this training is designed for students with a solid visual culture eager to find out more about advanced technology. Prospective, pragmatic and experimental, this Bachelor course is provided in the framework of the Visual Communication Department, which concurrently offers crossover courses and projects enabling students to acquire multidisciplinary skills (photography, graphic design, film).

Through courses and workshops provided by major actors on the international scene, the students become seasoned in the various fields of this discipline – art direction, interaction design, interactive applications (web and mobile), installations, motion design, as well as communication and digital identity. Involvement in exhibitions, publications or assignments commissioned by institutions provides an actual immersion into the labour world. The students also benefit from a wide range of theoretical courses and multidisciplinary conferences on the ECAL premises.

The skills and projects acquired throughout the curriculum serve to produce a portfolio in line with the highest standards. From website design to event management, via animation or modelling, this training offers a wide range of professional opportunities.

Head Visual Communication
Vincent Jacquier

Head Media & Interaction Design
Pauline Saglio

Alain Bellet
Angelo Benedetto
Pauline Saglio
Christophe Guignard
Gaël Hugo, Paris
Patrick Keller

Professors (multidisciplinary fields)
Claus Gunti, Bern
Vincent Jacquier
Milo Keller
Violène Pont
Aurèle Sack
Anouk Schneider, London

Sébastien Agnetti
Sami Benhadj
Angelo Cirimele, Paris
Cyril Diagne, Paris
Marc Dubois
Cedric Duchêne
Andreas Gysin, Lugano
Benjamin Muzzin
Laura Perrenoud
Florian Pittet
Pierre Ponant, Paris
Mario Von Rickenbach, Zurich
Mathieu Rivier
Josh Schaub, Zurich
Lionel Tardy

Visiting lecturers
Thomas Eberwein, London
Marc Kremers, London
Pe Lang, Berlin
Jürg Lehni, Los Angeles
Marc McKeague, London
Megaforce, Paris
Jonathan Puckey, Amsterdam
Béatrice Lartigue, Toulouse
Antoine Bertin, London/Paris/Brussels
Thibault Brevet, Zurich/Marseille
Stewart Smith, New York
Yuri Suzuki, London
Marcus Wendt (FIELD.io), London
Roel Wouters, Amsterdam
Jussi Ängeslevä, Berlin
Julien Gachadoat, Bordeaux
Hannah Perner-Wilson, Berlin
Dev Joshi, London
Philip Schuette, Amsterdam
Nicolas Barradeau, Paris
Dries Depoorter, Ghent
Gene Kogan, New York
Patrick Paleta (Chevalvert), Paris
Stéphane Buellet (Chevalvert), Paris
Tim Rodenbröker, Paderborn
Ted Davis, Basel
Daniël Maarleveld, Amsterdam
Hayden Zezula (Zolloc), New York
Map Project Office, London

Artistic deputy
Julien Gurtner

Pietro Alberti
Gianni Camporota
Pierry Jaquillard
Sébastien Matos
Callum Ross

Technologies centre
Vincent Jacquier
Tibor Udvari

Satisfaction 2020
Workshop with Mario von Rickenbach
Paul Lëon - Diploma project
Lasius Flavus
Yael Sidler - Diploma project
Lockdown Memorial Archive
Pablo Bellon - Diploma project
Léonard Guyot - Diploma project
Kylan Luginbühl - Diploma project
Invisible Network
Evan Kelly - Diploma Project
Pump and Surf
Aurélien Pellegrini - Diploma project
Bastien Mouthon - Diploma project
Sun Connection
Diane Thouvenin - Diploma project
Bastien Claessens - Diploma project
Strike the pose
Maya Bellier - Diploma project
EXAM - Dynamic Identity
Jamy Herrmann - Studio project
CASP - Dynamic Identity
Soraya Camina - Studio project
ESAP - Dynamic Identity
Elodie Anglade - Studio project
PACC - Dynamic Identity
Martial Grin - Studio project
Curl - Blaze The Fuck Up
Sébastien Galera Larios - Clip vidéo
Course of Sequence 3D with Benjamin Muzzin
ZRK x BasilD - Transhuman
Julie Ryser & Basil Dénéréaz - Music video
Super Low Resolution
Workshop with Andreas Gysin
Workshop with Tim Rodenbröker
Fake it until you make it
Workshop 3D with Cyril Diagne
Interferences – Forty-Four Excuses for Participation and a Zero
Workshop with Mario de Vega
Interface Design course
Workshop with Ted Davis
Nathanaël Vianin - 3D Graphics
On the Edge
Elodie Anglade - 3D Graphics
Where Titans Sleep
Loris Briguet - 3D Graphics
Drawing Machines
Workshop with Daniël Maarleveld
Workshop with Cyril Diagne