Workshop, ECAL 2015


by 1CVPH

For a week, the chinese photographer Ren Hang worked with the first year students of bachelor photography of ECAL. Body, movement, freedom, spontaneity, nudity have defined the framework of this workshop, where students have experimented, sometimes in nature, sometimes in more intimate places, the limits of physical possibilities of the models.

Behind the scenes

ECAL/Florian Amoser

ECAL/Isabelle Staufer

ECAL/Nicolas DeCesare

ECAL/Marina Caneve and Jeanne Favre

ECAL/Marina Caneve and Jeanne Favre

ECAL/Alice Othenin-Girard

ECAL/Ardita Meha

ECAL/Carmen Grange

ECAL/Claire Bourrassé

ECAL/Cécilia Poupon

ECAL/Yasmina Gonin

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes