Saturday 14.11.2015
Le Molière, Paris [map]

On the occasion of Paris Photo, ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne and RVB Books are pleased to present you the book "Choli Cholie", realized by Swiss photographer Walter Pfeiffer and Bachelor Photography students. (HD Images)

"Walter Pfeiffer is younger at heart than the youngest of our students. At the height of his honorable age, the images he creates are fresh, spontaneous, and unclassifiable. Despite his international success, he has been happy to share his time with emerging photographers and was delighted to accept our invitation for a workshop at ECAL in autumn 2014 and later a second session in spring 2015.

The ECAL workshops are laboratories for testing new approaches – in both artistic mediums and types of teaching. Those who lead the workshops are not necessarily teachers, but rather practitioners recognised for their creations. We provide a framework for each of these special weeks, granting the guests and students the freedom to step outside of the established boundaries. The results are at times spectacular, at times disappointing – this is all part of the fun, and we are aware of the risks.

Walter came to ECAL neither to teach a particular technique, nor to develop a particular concept; several of the programme’s courses are already dedicated to this. His intervention took on more of a metaphysical, or even sensory form. To transmit the elusive, to successfully develop the intimate relationship that the photographer may hold with the world, is a delicate mission. With grace and elegance, Walter invited the students into his universe (certain images are clearly dedications to his work) offering them hints, but not the goal. An initial selection of images was completed and discussed by the whole of the class in the projection room. At certain times, the commentaries were elaborate and complex. At others, they remained brief. Walter, speaking French with a German accent, had the final say: "c’est choli" (it’s nice), "c’est choli choli" (it’s really nice). The images that were "refused", of which there are over one thousand, have been gathered together in a unique book entitled "Walter said no!". All in good humor, Walter added the subtitle: "but maybe in 10 years".

In the digital era that is our own, a book has the ability to prolong the life of images which would otherwise disappear very quickly. Will the students follow Walter’s path of eternal youth? Perhaps we will find out in ten or twenty years’ time." Milo Keller, Head of Bachelor Photgraphy

Technical specifications
Choli Cholie, 22x31cm, soft cover, japanese binding, 78 pages (without cover), 63 photographs,
text by Milo Keller, ISBN: 979-10-90306-44-8,
price: CHF 25.–, Euros 22.–

Reproduction by ECAL/Younès Klouche