Master Photography

ECAL is introducing a new master’s degree in Photography as from the 2016 academic year. Relying on massive use of photographic images – a key element in today’s visual communication – this two-year programme, unique in Switzerland, gives students with a related Bachelor’s degree an opportunity to develop projects in the long term. It especially pushes the boundaries of applied research in contemporary photography with an emphasis on digital, web and network manipulation, new forms of books, shaping images on various media, interactive exhibition design, up to and including the moving image.

Taking advantage of ECAL’s numerous collaborations with economic, industrial or cultural stakeholders, this training allows students to regularly rub shoulders with influential figures in fine art photography and commissioned work. Structured around practical lessons and workshop weeks, the programme fosters privileged encounters. As for theory, visual analyses and text productions also guide students towards the clarification and disclosure of project concepts. Finally, workshops, labs, studios and the availability of a state-of-the-art print shop ensure that the projects initiated are given concrete form.

The skills acquired and research conducted during the course give students the necessary tools to produce a wide-ranging innovative project, with significant opportun-ities in terms of dissemination and visibility. Through its pragmatic, artistic and applied nature, the Master Photography ensures that each graduate, based on their specific strengths and inclinations, finds a place in the top networks of contemporary photography.



Milo Keller 

Claus Gunti
Milo Keller

Anniina Koivu, Milano

Ann-Christin Bertrand, Berlin
Marco de Mutiis, Winterthur
Bruno Ceschel, Milan
Kim Knoppers, Amsterdam
Lars Willumeit, Zurich

Visiting Lecturers
Thibault Brevet, Marseille
Alain Biber, Düsseldorf
Melanie Bühler, New York
Harm van den Dorpel, Berlin
Christophe Gaillard, Paris
Golgotha, Paris
Ethan Greenbaum, New York
Dominic Hawgood, Londres
Joe Hamilton, Melbourne
Felicity Hammond, Londres
It’s Our Playground, Paris
Rachel de Joode, Berlin
Nicolas Krebs & Taiyo Onorato (Tonk), Berlin
Jonas Lindstroem, Berlin
Alix Marie, Londres
Lesley Martin, New York
Charles Negre, Paris
Simone Niquille, Amsterdam
Lonneke van der Palen, Amsterdam
Antje Peters, Berlin
RVB Books, Paris
Philip Schuette, Amsterdam
Thomas Traum, Londres
Letha Wilson, New York
Qiu Yang, Amsterdam
Joël Vacheron, Lisbonne
Anne de Vries, Berlin

Francesco Zanot, Milan

Florian Amoser
Calum Douglas
Thomas Le Provost 

Semester Evaluations