Monday 06.06.2016
ECAL Editions

This publication follows “Maximage Formula Guide” and is part of the “Workflow” Research Project (R&D). It was conceived and printed during a workshop held by David Keshavjee, Guy Meldem, Tatiana Rihs and Julien Tavelli (Maximage).

With the participation of Federico Barbon, Tamara Blanc, Michele Brianza, Alix Chauvet, Célestine Claudin, Danaë de Jesus, Selma Farhan, Tina Gabriel, Amélie Gallay, Sébastian Gross, Jeanne Jouve, Eugène Kaïmanovitch, Ann Kern, Sylvan Lanz, David Loy, Théo Marielle, Pauline Mayor, Florian Moix, Maximilien Pellegrini, Lydia Perrot, Maxime Petit, Clémentine Rousset, André Teixeira da Silva, Loïc Volkart, Olivia Wünsche, Kerime Yayla

“Workflow” is a research project at ECAL on printing technologies, funded by HES-SO.

Picture editing: Marietta Eugster

Fighter: Pong, Pansak Sor. Tanikul 150 fights, over 120 wins between 1977–1996, Thailand / Switzerland

Printed at ECAL by Benjamin Plantier and DZA Druckerei zu Altenburg GmbH

ISBN : 978-2-9701104-0-8

Repro ECAL/Younès Klouche