Diploma project, ECAL 2017


A selection of the diplomas from the promotion 2016-2017


ECAL/Baku Sakashita

Inspired by Isamu Noguchi’s Akari Light Sculpture lamps, I was interested in reinterpreting the simplicity of the structure in a more modern way by replacing bamboo structure with very thin steel wire and semitransparent Japanese paper. My intention in this project is to make a precise geometrical shadow on the wall and on the floor while Noguchi's goal was to produce a light that glows like the moon. This collection of six lamps, with different sizes and shapes, is celebrating the beauty and the simplicity of the materials and the design.

Crime Ornemental

ECAL/Claudia Cauville

This collection, Crime Ornemental, is a response to the modernist doctrine of "ornament is a crime". Inspired by the expressive Egyptian imagery, the aim is to translate paintings into other materials, such as textile or ceramic, in order to challenge the idea of form and function. The carpet has been made at the Manufacture Pinton, in Felletin (France), the specialist since 1867 of Aubusson traditional tapestry and of the more recent technique tufting. The production is handmade in local tinted wool. This project, made in the art of textile, is the beginning of a dynamic collection that expands from carpets to ceramics.


ECAL/Emilien Jaury

Witt is a collection of glass cocktail tools inspired by glass blowing techniques. The production consists in deforming borosilicate tubes thanks to the heat of a blowtorch. The transparency of the material reveal the different functions only during the preparation of the recipes, when the volumes are filled with liquids or smoke. This collection highlights creates a perfect link between the gestures of the glassmaker and those of the bartender. 


Nicolas Le Moigne

Xavier Perrenoud


Ulysse Martel

Stefano Panterotto

Sukima by ECAL/Baku Sakashita

Crime Ornemental by ECAL/Claudia Cauville

Witt by ECAL/Emilien Jaury

Witt by ECAL/Emilien Jaury