Monday 24.08.2020
ECAL, Renens

UPDATE: 1st November 2021

The epidemiological situation in Switzerland linked to COVID-19 is still unstable. As far as the ECAL is concerned, and in response to the State' requirements, a number of rules and principles have been promulgated to ensure that all members of the school community benefit from the best possible protection in the context of their work or studies. On this basis, each department and service have put in place arrangements to enable the people concerned to evolve in an appropriate environment. A number of these measures also apply to people visiting ECAL (clients, partners, etc.).

These are set out in the following Protection Action Plan document. We would be grateful if you could take note of these measures and apply them conscientiously.

ENG: Download "Protection Action Plan"

FR: Télécharger "Plan de mesures de protection"