Wednesday 10.06.2020
ECAL, Renens

After having successfully risen to the challenge of delivering online courses to all students since the first day of these ‘extraordinary times’, ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne has decided to hold its Bachelor, Master and MAS degree juries towards the end of August/beginning of September rather than as originally planned in June. This decision was immediately obvious to the school's direction as well as to the whole of the faculty and the administrative and technical staff in order to provide students with the opportunity, despite the current circumstances, to submit graduation projects that would live up to their expectations and the curriculum they had followed. ‘The graduation project concludes several years of study in a vibrant atmosphere. It was our responsibility to provide students with the most appropriate tools to enable them to showcase their skills and start working under favourable auspices. I would like to thank our whole team for making it happen’, said ECAL’s director Alexis Georgacopoulos as he welcomed this achievement.

‘It’s the logical conclusion to our studies! Without this decision, I would probably have had to review my project and lower my ambitions’, adds Graphic Design Bachelor degree student Lou Rais, whose graduation project involves print publishing and laser-cut items. This special summer opening will enable students to produce quality projects, which will be on a par with what they could have achieved in a more conventional setting. In effect, every student will be able to rely on project follow-up thanks to face-to-face or remote input from teaching staff and assistants throughout the summer – under the supervision of every department in charge. Vincent Jacquier, head of Visual Communication (Graphic Design, Media & Interaction Design and Photography Bachelor degrees), said: ‘This entails a number of professional and personal constraints, but it’s well worth the effort.’

Workshops and materials will be available in compliance with the Protection Action Plan against COVID-19, de facto providing the high accuracy and finish quality standards that ECAL is famed for. For Fabien Roy, a Product Design Master degree student who is working on an incubator for sub-Saharan African newborn babies, which he is developing with EPFL, ‘access to ECAL’s workshops is essential. Without it, I would have to subcontract prototyping and that would imply a lot of technical and financial constraints.’

In order to enhance the visibility of the projects, the "ECAL Diplomas 2020" exhibition will be held this autumn as scheduled as will the release of the Yearbook that has gone hand in hand with it for the last nine years.

Graphic Design: ECAL/Bilal Sebei. Typography: ECAL/ Malte Bentzen. Image: ECAL/Jimmy Rachez