From 05.11.2020 to 14.11.2020
Design Days, Flon, Lausanne [map]

During the Design Days (5-14 November), Thursday to Saturday from 11am to 7pm. Quartier du Flon, Rue de Genève 19, 1003 Lausanne

Due to the new health measures, the exhibition is only open on demand to: antoine.vauthey@ecal.ch

Visit for a maximum of 4 people at the same time.

Thank you for your understanding!


For the 4th edition of the USM Design Grant awarded by the USM Foundation, ECAL's Bachelor Industrial Design students, under the direction of Swiss designer Adrien Rovero, were asked to design listening stations that materialise the sound they emit, generating a distinctive multi-sensory experience in the context of a public exhibition.

On the occasion of the Design Days, the winners of the grant, Martin Stricker and Theo Luvisotto, present "Infinity", a visual and sound installation that invites the user to enter an infinite space. Visitors can look through an opening and feel the echo of their own voice, while seeing themselves in an infinite reflection. The openings are positioned at different heights, allowing children and adults to interact freely within the structure.

The "Bambino" project by Bérengère Bussioz and Clémence Buytaert will also be on display. Thanks to two loudspeakers integrated in the backrest, this chatty bench, installed in outdoor or indoor cultural spaces, whispers sounds or information to visitors.



Martin Stricker & Theo Luvisotto

Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez

Bérengère Bussioz & Clémence Buytaert

Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez