Today, the greatest challenge for designers is to adapt to the ever more specific and demanding needs of contemporary audiences. The Creative Leadership course aims to train the participants to the development of innovative and responsible projects that meet the current challenges of a changing society. It offers the possibility to explore new practices in within the creative industries and to share ideas with experts in a variety of sectors.

The course is delivered through a series of independent modules that cover key areas such as entrepreneurship, sustainable design, and communication. Aimed at industrial designers, graphic designers, photographers, and interaction designers who seek to develop or perfect their professional projects, it offers management and leadership tools adapted to the contemporary evolution of design professions and practices.

The short, digital, and highly interactive format of this course allows for a top-quality, flexible, and hybrid training, tailored to the needs of professionals and supported by a wide network of experts. All modules can be taken separately.



French 80% and english 20% 

Qualification Issued

Certificate of Continuing Education

Fees per module

CHF 1 200.-, Alumni EXECAL CHF 900.-




4h for 5 weeks, on Friday afternoon 2pm-6pm

Course format



Admission, contact



Head of the program

Daphna Glaubert


Marius Aeberli
Luc Bergeron
Romain Casella
Clément Jaton
Augustin Scott de Martinville
Lohyd Terrier
Yorgo Tloupas
Pascal Wicht


Maxwell Ashford
Cajsa Carlson
Benjamin Grillon
Michel Hueter
Christian Kaegi
Nicolas Lantheman
Federico Matteini
Francesca Occhionero
Murphy Padraig
Samuel Perret
Tom Savigar
Bas van de Poel
Kristen de la Valliere
Cécile Vulliemin
Jane Withers