ECAL 2012


by Teo Schifferli

'My work consists in an Annual Report 2011 for the magazine Artforum International. I’ve analysed the gallery advertisements of the 10 issues of this year and then created statistics showing the content/advertisements ratio and also the distribution of the number of ads per gallery and artist. Based on the results of these statistics, I then created a new generative graphic system which, with its simple geometric forms and its mathematical placements, recalls some aspects of Concrete Art. 

During this project I’ve learned a lot about generative graphic systems, their advantages and difficulties. On the other hand this work has revealed interesting aspects concerning the development and the present situation of the international art market and its economic interdependences.'

Teo Schifferli

GRAPHIC DESIGN, Artforum 2011 Annual Report, Teo Schifferli 1459