ECAL celebrates its 200th anniversary (1821–2021)


In 1821, a decree of the Grand Council of the Canton of Vaud formalised the opening of the Ecole cantonale de dessin, housed in Cité-Devant near the Cathedral in Lausanne. Twenty years later, the school integrated the newly built Musée Arlaud, located in the city centre and which also bears the name of the first director of both institutions, Marc-Louis Arlaud. For almost 150 years, the establishment has had many personalities as directors, moved to various locations in the region and had different names, before finally settling on Ecole cantonale d’art de Lausanne in 1986. Since then, the acronym ECAL has become popular as the reputation of the institution has grown, and it is now considered one of the best art and design schools in the world thanks to the countless successes of its teaching staff, students and alumni.

Fonts by MA Type Design students. Graphic design ECAL/Arthur Seguin




Application to the Petit Conseil du Canton de Vaud (Conseil d'Etat) by the painter Louis Ducros for the opening of a drawing school


Decree of the Grand Council of the Canton of Vaud on the proposal of the Council of State which makes official the opening of a cantonal school of drawing, housed in the Cité-Devant near the Cathedral (Lausanne)


Appointment of the painter Marc-Louis Arlaud as director


The school moves to the Arlaud Museum, which has just been built on the Place de la Riponne (Lausanne)


Appointment of Jean-Samson Guignard as director


Appointment of the painter François Bocion as director for one semester, replacing Jean-Samson Guignard


Appointment of the artist Oscar Bastian as director


Creation of the School of Applied Art by the artist Nora Gross


Founding of the Lausanne School of Art by the industrialist C. Ortlieb


Appointment of the sculptor Aloïs Otth as director


Official reopening of the Cantonal School of Drawing after a period of transition since 1914 Appointment of the engraver and sculptor Raphaël Lugeon as director


Merger of the Ecole d'art de Lausanne and the Ecole cantonale de dessin, which then becomes the Ecole cantonale de dessin et d'arts décoratifs


Merger of the Cantonal School of Drawing and Decorative Arts with the School of Applied Art, which became the Cantonal School of Drawing and Applied Art


Appointment of the artist Casimir Reymond as interim director


Appointment of the architect Alphonse Laverrière as director


Second appointment of the artist Casimir Reymond as director


Appointment of the curator of the Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts Ernest Manganel as director

Change of name of the institution to the Cantonal School of Fine and Applied Arts


The school moves to Avenue de l'Elysée (Lausanne) in a building designed by the architect Frédéric Brugger


Appointment of Jacques Monnier-Raball, a graduate in literature, as director


Change of name of the institution which becomes the Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne


Opening of an important annex of the school in Bussigny


Appointment of the artist Pierre Keller as director


The ECAL moves to the premises of the former IRIL factory (Renens) renovated by the architect Bernard Tschumi


Appointment of designer Alexis Georgacopoulos as director


Celebration of 200 years of the institution since the official creation of the Cantonal School of Design