The ECAL Representative Council defends a democratic vision of the institution in which all members feel represented. We hope to promote fluid and transparent communication with the various actors of the institution, so that the problems and ideas of each are heard, debated and can participate in the life and vision of the school.

The Representative Council, in addition to its legal obligations (see Regulations), is a place for dialogue and a force for proposals. Each representative openly expresses the problems he or she is aware of within the school. The Council discusses these issues within the scope of its possibilities and competencies, before presenting its proposals to the Direction. 

The subjects addressed are very broad (see Actions), from the improvement of the school's infrastructure (microwaves, sorting garbage cans, management of the bursar's office, etc.) to more serious problems (discrimination and racism, harassment, psychological support, etc.), including support for the creation of associative platforms (exECAL network, Student Office, etc.).

Representative Council proposals and actions


Since its creation and in accordance with the articles of law that concern it (see Regulations), the Representative Council has given its opinion on official documents, such as the balance sheets and provisional accounts, plans and strategic plans presented by the school's management (see Official documents).

In addition to its legal obligations, in order to make proposals related to ECAL's life, the Representative Council has in particular :

  • Set up a consultation procedure between the elected representatives (members of the Representative Council) and the various actors of the school (Management, ECAL's associations, etc.);
  • Set up working groups on subjects affecting the life of the school, such as the various aspects of internal communication or the question of alumni. These working groups made proposals that led, among other things, to the implementation of the exECAL platform, which now manages issues relating to ECAL alumni, and the creation of a Student Office. Other proposals such as the publication of a Student Guide are under discussion;
  • Debated issues such as female faculty representation, discrimination and racism, prevention of harassment in the school, and other important topics. This resulted in a declaration on equality and inclusion;
  • Proposed improvements to the ECAL's infrastructure and services (electrical outlets in open spaces and classrooms, management of the bursar's office, waste sorting garbage cans, microwaves, etc.)
  • Supported continuing education for the PAT and PER with information on the intranet;
  • Conducted opinion polls with various school stakeholders to bring up their issues.

To learn more: check out the summary of the Council's proposals and actions during the 2017-2020 legislature.

If you feel that things are not moving fast enough, join us to bring your energy, or contact one of the Council members to share your remarks, ideas and suggestions.



Any suggestion to improve ECAL management?

Any recurring problem you have to face? 

Please note that the Representative Council does not deal with individual cases, but only with those that are in the general interest.

Write to the Representative Council through one of its members.

We promise to discuss your request at the future Council meeting.