Admission to the CAS is done through an application form, the aim of which assesses the candidate's experience and knowledge in the field of art and design.

Necessary qualifications

The following are eligible to attend the CAS:

  • Candidates who holds of a degree awarded by a university (BA level or equivalent) or an institution of comparable level in the field of art and design.
  • Candidates who do not hold a degree from a university of art and design may be admitted if they can demonstrate in some other way (in particular through significant professional experience and sound knowledge in the field of art and design) that they are suitable to follow the course.

Candidates will be admitted subject to availability of places. The quality of the application is decisive if the number of applications exceeds the number of places available.

Administrative file
  • a curriculum vitae
  • a copy of passport or identity card
  • a copy of the required qualifications and/or certificates (an authentic translation is required for languages other than French, German, Italian English and Spanish).
  • a representative portfolio of recent works. 

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