From 08.04.2013 to 14.04.2013
Spazio Orso 16, Milan

The “Savoir-Faire” exhibition showcases a selection by ECAL Director Alexis Georgacopoulos, featuring projects in Product and Industrial Design, Art Direction, Photography, Graphic Design and Media & Interaction Design by ECAL Bachelor and Master students.

Following a successful experience at the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan last year, ECAL offers, for the second time, an exhibition which introduces photography, graphic design, art direction and interaction design amidst “traditional” product & industrial design works.

“At ECAL there is no single way to create, although we do take to heart such values as precision, professionalism, innovation – and even humour. Our outmost objective is to develop different skills specific to each programme, but also to integrate this diverse know-how in the cross-disciplinary fashion which has established our school’s reputation. With this exhibition we wanted to show that our students “know how” to contribute with passion to each field developed at ECAL”, says ECAL Director Alexis Georgacopoulos.

MIlano 2013 Savoir-Faire Exhibition La fesse cachée Laurence Rasti Bachelor Photography 3244

«La fesse cachée», ECAL/Laurence Rasti. Bachelor Photography

Bike Tie Renaud Defrancesco Bachelor Industrial Design MIlano 2013 Savoir-Faire Exhibition  3248

«Bike Tie», ECAL/Renaud Defrancesco. Bachelor Industrial Design.Photo ECAL/Nicolas Genta

MIlano 2013 Savoir-Faire Exhibition  «Bricks» Aurélie Mathieu MAS in Design for Luxury  Craftsmanship Baccarat. 3266

«Bricks», ECAL/Aurélie Mathieu. MAS in Design for Luxury & Craftsmanship. Photo ECAL/Nicolas Genta. Edited by Baccarat.

«L'étagère en bois»Lucien Gumy Bachelor Industrial Design Wrong Hay MIlano 2013 Savoir-Faire  Exhibition  3255

«L'étagère en bois», ECAL/Lucien Gumy. Bachelor Industrial Design. Edited by Wrong for Hay. Photo ECAL/Bruno Aeberli

«Satellite», Benjamin Muzzin MID Pauline Saglio MID, Gonzalo Sanchez de Lollano Ba industrial Design , Mirko Stanchieri  Milano 2013 Savoir-Faire  Exhibition 3251

«Satellite», ECAL/Benjamin Muzzin (Ba MID), Pauline Saglio (Ba MID), Gonzalo Sanchez de Lollano (Ba DI), Mirko Stanchieri (Ba MID). Photo ECAL/Nicolas Genta

«Grand Central», Thibault Brevet. Bachelor Graphic Design Milano 2013 Savoir-Faire  Exhibition 3257

«Grand Central», ECAL/Thibault Brevet. Bachelor Graphic Design

«The Sound of Heels», Renaud Defrancesco Design Industrial, Marc Dubois Media Interaction Design, Aurélien Haslebacher, Cyrille Verdon  Milano 2013 Savoir-Faire  Exhibition 3249

«The Sound of Heels», ECAL/Renaud Defrancesco (Ba DI), Marc Dubois (Ba MID), Aurélien Haslebacher (Ba MID), Cyrille Verdon (Ba DI). Photo ECAL/Nicolas Genta

Mockup X 36, Milano 2013 Savoir-Faire  Exhibition 3259

«Mockup X 36», ECAL/collective works

«Sit», Tobias Nitsche, Master Product Design Milano 2013 Savoir-Faire  Exhibition 3262

«Sit», ECAL/Tobias Nitsche. Master Product Design. Photo ECAL/Nicolas Genta