Delivered by ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne for EPFL (the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne) students, the classes in design form part of the Human and Social Sciences curriculum. Graphic and industrial design are two options for the program at Bachelor and Master level.

Through the completion of real life projects, EPFL students come to understand the designer’s approach when suggesting new user scenarios and forms of expression for the creation of new objects.

SHS Industrial Design courses
The classes SHS-ECAL offer to EPFL students to learn the methodological bases and principles of the industrial design and production of the objects. It is a practical teaching based on learning through the project. By creating a chair, a lamp, a vase or utensil of their choice, students discover the constraints of industrial and product design as its own solutions. In addition, they acquire a contemporary visual culture, work their creativity and experience the expressive and poetic potential of this discipline.

  • Analyze the creation of an object on the basis of simple and consistent concepts.
  • Think in three dimensions.
  • Communicate ideas using appropriate graphical tools.
  • Verify their own proposals by mock-up making.
  • Identify the constraints and the potential of a material.
  • Make a prototype.