From 30.06.2017 to 02.07.2017
Villa Noailles, Hyères [map]

Congratulations to Carolien Niebling, Master Product Design graduate, won the Grand Prix (1st Prize) Design Parade (Hyères) at the Villa Noailles with a research project conducted at ECAL about the "Sausage of the Future". The jury was presided by Inga Sempé.

This project explores the design and taste of the future sausage, while critically discussing alternatives to meat consumption worldwide.

The Grand Prix Design Parade consists of:
- a research scholarship of one year at Sèvres – Cité de la céramique
- a research scholarship of one year at CIRVA (International Glass and Arts Research Centre in Marseille, to create a vase. This vase will be produced in triplicate and will then become a part of the collections of the villa Noailles and of the CIRVA, one vase for the designer

- a grant of 5 000 euros given by Galerie kreo for a personal design project that could be represented by Galerie kreo

- a personal exhibition at the villa Noailles during Design Parade 13, in July 2018

- a series of exhibitions in Europe in 2019

- a personal exhibition at espace d’art Le Moulin in La Valette-du-Var in July 2019.

Exhibition until 24 Septembre at the Villa Noailles, Hyères


Carolien Niebling (with the flowes)

Exhibition at  Villa Noailles, Hyères