From 23.10.2020 to 03.11.2020
Book and Sons, Tokyo [map]

From 23 October to 3 November, ECAL participates in the FormSWISS Exhibition in Tokyo, thus presenting a series of its books related to graphic design.

Book and Sons
23 October—3 November 2020 / 12:00-19:00 (Closed: Wednesday) / Free admission
2-13-3 Takaban, Meguro, Tokyo

From 30 October to 6 November, ECAL will also participate in the pop-up exhibition at Spiral in Omotesando which is the heart town in Tokyo.


Official Press Release: FormSWISS Exhibition

An exhibition introducing the current scope of design and its thinking, envisioned by Swiss design of today.

We are delighted to announce that our global design platform “Form” has launched.

Form interactively communicates diverse cultural values from a design perspective, both inside and outside of Japan.

The first focus of the Form series is Switzerland, a nation that has made great contributions to the development of modern design. “FormSWISS” visited Switzerland, and interviewed about 30 designers, schools and museums in the field of design.

We will hold a design exhibition in Japan co-organized with Embassy of Switzerland in Japan and Doors to Switzerland called FormSWISS which focuses on Swiss visual communication design, its design thinking, and the Swiss designer’s way of life. FormSWISS will exhibit works by designers representing Swiss graphic design, typography and motion graphics. It will also include valuable interviews conducted on-location in Switzerland.

FormSWISS will feature panel discussions between Japanese and Swiss designers, and offer several design collaborations featuring the work of Swiss designers, which will be available at the exhibition.

FormSWISS participants include: Alfio Mazzei, Balmer Hählen, ECAL, CCRZ, Futur Neue, Gavillet & Cie, Hubertus Design, Jannuzzi Smith, Kasper-Florio, Notter+Vigne, Simone Cavadini, Studio Feixen, Supero, Swiss Typefaces and ZHdK.

We hope that FormSWISS will inspire visitors to consider how the topics presented and design itself can enrich your creative life.

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Organiser: &Form LLC
Co-organiser: Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Doors to Switzerland

Doors to Switzerland

Taiyo Printing

Tokyo Type Directors Club
IDEA Magazine

Image Sadao Hotta