ECAL AT VISIONS DU REEL: Masterclass and films, 21–30.04.2023, Théâtre de Marens, Nyon

ECAL AT VISIONS DU REEL: Masterclass and films
Théâtre de Marens, Nyon

As part of the film festival Visions du Réel (April 21 to 30) in Nyon, Lucrecia Martel will give a masterclass on Tuesday, April 25, organized in partnership with La Cinémathèque suisse. Four films from ECAL Cinema Department students and alumni will also be part of the programmation.


Filmmaker and screenwriter
Salta, Argentina

Tuesday, April 25, 2pm 
Usine à Gaz 2, Nyon 

Visions du Réel's guest of honour Lucrecia Martel will give a masterclass, which will explore her body of work and her relationship with reality. A retrospective of her films will also be presented during the edition.

Lucrecia Martel gained international fame with her first feature length film La ciénaga (2001), shot in her home region, and has since embodied the resurgence of Argentinian film, both nationally and internationally.

The director’s filmography, which consists of 4 feature length films and 25 titles in total (including different kinds of projects), has constantly made a mark on her country in a post-dictatorial context, as well as at the most prestigious festivals.

Lucrecia Martel’s films use a highly sensual cinematographical grammar to examine the existential crisis of the Argentinian middle classes, the inner workings of society and the country’s suffocating social mechanism, as well as post-colonial issues. She achieves all this while relentlessly evoking, implicitly, the history of her country and the ghosts that inhabit it.

Her attention to detail – particularly to sound, noise and dialogues – and the kaleidoscopic approach of her work are in keeping with a dual tradition that is both oral and adventurous in cinematographical terms, steeped in a joyous cinephilia. Rooted in the filmmaker’s very familiar territories and experiences, Lucrecia Martel’s body of work borrows from a multitude of genres and offers a rich and fascinating hybridisation of fiction and reality.

After Terminal Norte in 2021, she is currently working on new non-fiction feature length film that should be released in 2023.

Moderated by Emilie Bujès, artistic director of Visions du Réel and Paolo Moretti, head of ECAL Cinema Department.

An event in collaboration with La Cinémathèque suisse

Text: Vision du Réel


In the occasion of Visions du Réel from April 21 to 30, 4 films from ECAL Cinema Department and alumni are programmed.


La merveilleuse douleur du genêt by Olivia Calcaterra, diploma film of Bachelor Cinema, 2022. Image by Loris Theurillat (Bachelor Cinema option Image, 2022) 



Les Lumières de Kiev by Serhii Tykhoniuk, documentary workshop film of Bachelor Cinema, 2023 


Full tanks, by Benjamin Blucher (Bachelor Cinema, 2018) and Julia Bünter (Bachelor Cinema 2014 and Foundation Year professor)

La Maison, by Sophie Ballmer (Bachelor Photographie 2004 and Master Arts Visuels 2013)


INTERNAtional COMPeTITION length & short film competition 

And How Miserable Is the Home of Evil, by Saleh Kashefi (student in Master Cinema ECAL/HEAD). Sound by Yatoni Roy Cantu (Bachelor Cinema option Direction 2018, and Master Cinema ECAL/HEAD, option Sound) 



His diploma film 12, Chemin des Bruyères (1995) is programmed as part of the workshop dedicated to him

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Théâtre de Marens, Nyon

Route du Stand 5
1260 Nyon