Angelo Barbattini – Annihiler le système des castes


Angelo Barbattini – Annihiler le système des castes

Diploma project by Angelo Barbattini

Since I am half Indian and have studied in India, my graduation project mainly consists of a collection of saris (lit. “strips of cloth”), a traditional garment worn by women in India. The fabrics created are a modern interpretation of this rich cultural heritage. Through this project, my aim is to denounce the issues of discrimination observed in India, most known as the caste system – a system that is now illegal but which continues to be perpetuated and create inequalities. The concept of the project is to acknowledge the problem and through a modern, digitally printed, cotton sari, to communicate a message of equality and equal rights to humanity. The goal is to have activists wear these saris to perpetuate this utopian ideal of equality and abolish the caste system.