Workshop Lucas Blalock


Workshop Lucas Blalock

with Lucas Blalock

"Imagine for a moment that photography is not a good copier but a rather a fairly poor one that is constantly needing to be propped up through formal play, association, and intervention. What does it mean to make a copy? Why do we do it? What is a good copy? One answer to this proposition, that the photograph is a bad copy, would be to make another kind of copy that was better. This is an entirely valid position. However, in today’s world the photograph is an important type of copy because it is able to travel through networks at an extremely high speed and not lose its most important qualities. During the workshop, students was asked to attend to a site within the city and use the tools of contemporary photographic making (the camera, the computer, the studio, and the printer) to draw out their relationships to these environs in more palpable ways. This means shooting out in the world or bringing things back subjects from outside and photographing them in the studio, all the while processing." Lucas Blalock