Piguet & Manon Briod


Pauline Piguet & Manon Briod – Terry & Tori 


Pauline Piguet & Manon Briod – Terry & Tori 

by Pauline Piguet & Manon Briod

For our diploma project, we decided to make a collaboration between our two areas, graphic design and industrial design. We created Terry & Tori, a rug manufacturing company. A reflection on the rug in the design world led us to think up something comfortable and modular. In parallel, we tried to create appropriate communications to make our company credible. We propose our first collection in shades of grey and red. From the beginning, we wanted to make a sustainable project able to evolve. From this desire our collaboration was born, allowing us to share our points of view, our references and our skills. This interaction between these two disciplines was not always obvious but it has enriched our project and pushed us to take it further. Pauline Piguet & Manon Briod Collaboration Design graphique & Design industriel