Del Val


Roxanne Del Val – Noue-moi un bijou


Roxanne Del Val – Noue-moi un bijou

by Roxanne Del Val

When I started climbing, I had to learn the various knots. I immediately liked their shape, but also their meaning: they catch us if we fall, but they also allow us to move forward and progress on the climbing wall. Noue-moi un bijou (Tie me a jewel) is a collection of three items of jewellery inspired by climbing knots. I wanted to decontextualise them by using well-known types of jewellery such as rings, bracelets and necklaces. By modifying the shape of the knots, I created three pieces that wrap themselves around the hand, the finger and the chest. The jewellery is made of nylon paracord, to recall the primary inspiration of the collection. I also created small silver attachments that allow the jewellery to adjust to the shapes of the body.