Thévoz (Thévoz Choquet)


Workshop Bloc studios


Workshop Bloc studios

with Joséphine Choquet (Thévoz Choquet), Virgile Thévoz (Thévoz Choquet)

Marble connotes weight, stability and robustness, and is a quintessentially noble material. In light of this, what kind of objects are able to take full advantage of these properties? How can the sensations of balance or weight be fully expressed, while respecting the innate qualities and limits of this substance? This was the question that ECAL /University of Art and Design Lausanne Industrial Design Bachelor’s students addressed in 2016 at a workshop led by Swiss designers Joséphine Choquet and Virgile Thévoz. This collection has been jointly developed over recent years by Bloc studios and ECAL, and comprises a selection of objects that focus on the rational balance between materials and proportions – playful ball-joint mirrors, punk marble plates pierced through with steel, marble vases in tension with aluminium, minimal tub plugs and mesmerising wedged vases.