Studio project, ECAL 2011


Teacher(s): Tomas Kral

LEDs, steel and aluminium are the materials of the lights designed by the ECAL Master’s in Product Design students during the project in collaboration with ewo, based in the Alto Adige in Italy.
This was a real industrial project around the desire to present new ideas public lighting, a field ECAL had yet to work on. It was also a quick project that lasted only about 3 months.

A project made by 1st year students of the Master in Product design, overseen by Alexis Georgacopoulos and Tomas Kral.

Product design,  workshop, ewo 1874

Final prototype in EWO factory (IT)

Product design,  workshop, ewo 1873

Profile ECAL/Demir Doganberk

Product design,  workshop, ewo 1867

1m street lights cardboard mock-ups

Product design,  workshop, ewo 1896

Transition ECAL/Kaixi He