During Paris Photo 2019
An addendum for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
Workshop with Roosje Klap (Amsterdam)
3D graphics workshop with Hayden Zezula/@Zolloc
Diploma Project by Alexandra Trotobas
Good Mourning
Diploma Project by Charlotte Tronchot
Khaled, Going Back and Forth
Diploma Project by Hugo Plagnard
You Are Always Somewhere Else
Diploma Project by Théa Giglio
Diploma Project by Luna Conte
Diploma Project by Yul Tomatala
Au promeneur
Diploma Project by Arthur Lehmann
Maison Libre
Diploma Project by Eliott Villars
Global Solutions
Diploma Project by Romain Roucoules
New Dawn Fades
Diploma Project by Corentin Leroux
Diploma Project by Guillaume Lamarre
I Come From A Long Line Of Men
Diploma Project by Lucie Deluz
Floating View
Diploma Project by Cynthia Ammann
Beyond the Marina
Diploma Project by Aurore Bonami
Speculative Horizon
Diploma Project by Guillaume Baeriswyl
Subjective Archive
Diploma Project by Adrien Sgandura
A lingua do Mar
Diploma Project by Elisa Ribeiro
Like a movie
Diploma Project by Fanny-Laure Bovet
Diploma film posters
ECAL Masterclass
Belle Dune - "See You Later, Alligator..." - Extrait
A police investigation in Belle Dune, a small seaside resort in the north of France. This graduation film is a pilote of a series.
Bats In The Night
Beamo has a dare given by his brother: sneak into an abandoned house and bring back an object.
After their passionate night, Suze will find out she is allergic to her new friend.
Alma nel branco
Alma, thirteen years old, visits her older sister, who lives in a commune in the countryside. A stolen cow and a young man live in the garden of the house. The young girl struggles to come to terms with this new reality.
Playing Hell
22 year old Ava, goes to stay with her grandfather who lives in the Franches-Montagnes. They walk through forests together looking for Antoine who had disappeared that morning.
Still Working
The guardian of a factory doomed to be demolished is faced with the end of his universe…
These streets will never look the same
Leandre goes looking for a stranger named Tristan in order to give him some bad news about a mutual friend. However, when they meet, Leandre fails to deliver his message, which makes Tristan believe that they met by pure chance. They form a bond, but the true nature of what links them to the same boy remains ambiguous.
Under The Fish Scales
Max, a 23-year-young man, works in his father's fish shop. In this family business, the days are long and repeat themselves. The arrival of Zoe, an enthusiastic and full of life trainee, disturbs the routine of Max and leads him to rethink his future with seemed to him to be a foregone conclusion.
China Hardware Innovation Camp
Interdisciplinary project to create innovative connected objects
Diploma Project by Nathan Vogel
Diploma project by Sébastien Matos
Bachelor Industrial Design diploma projects, 2019
Diploma Project by Alfatih Al Zouabi
Light Perception
Diploma Project by Jonathan Boulenaz
Lieux Ordinaires
Diploma Project by Anouk Zibaut
Diploma Project by Tamara Virág
zero lux(e)
Diploma Project By Gauillaume Simmen
The Sound of the Links
Diploma Project By Diane Bécheras
Project developed as part of the Network Related Design course
Diploma project of Jules Boulaert.
Sans filtre
Diploma project of Lisa Rebeca.
Nous, Fabrice Gorgerat
Diploma project of Pauline Perret.
Diploma project of David Massara.
Between Myths and Reality
Diploma project of Sandi Gazic.
Ordinaire singulier, antiguide de Berlin
Diploma project of Giulia Ferla.
Alessandro Calabrese — The Long Thing
Diploma project of Federico Barbon
It's OK
Diploma project of Mathilde Avogadro.
Babel, Bαβέλ, لباب ,לבב
Diploma project of Clara Aboulker.
Diploma project of Fanélie Muselier.
Κυπριώτικο Σκετς / [kipri’otiko skets] / Cypriot Sketch
Diploma project by Clio Hadjigeorgiou
From Public to Public
Diploma project by Thomas Prost
Diplomas BAAV
Scenography projects on playgrounds
Soundmachines realized by the 2nd year students
ECAL book 2018
Moins Zéro
Workshop with Denis Roueche and Prune Simon-Vermot
Everyone Invites Everyone
Group exhibition, 2AV Studio cinema, ECAL
Information Mesh
The INFORMATION MESH project, celebrating the 30th anniversary of the creation of the World Wide Web
Mise en Espace
Workshop with Anja Schori
Workshop Marie Caroline Hominal
Workshop Precious Okoyomon
A minuit au bar du Grand Hôtel des Palmes
Exhibition "A minuit au bar du Grand Hôtel des Palmes"
ECAL Concerts: Arto Lindsay
Arto Lindsay, Musician ( singer & guitarist ) and artist, Rio
Raster Walker
One week project with Gaël Hugo
3D Graphics Showreel
Showreel Video 2015-2019
Workshop with Giliane Cachin
Workshop with Giliane Cachin (Zurich)
Long String Instrument
Workshop Mode Suisse
Workshop with Peter Puklus and Noir Associates for the 15th edition of Mode Suisse
Projet de création
Course with Guy Meldem
Multiple Choice
Course with Gilles Gavillet and Jonathan Hares
Type Design
Course with Aurèle Sack
Design en contexte
Course with Nicole Udry
Identité Visuelle
Course with Jonas Wandeler
Editorial Design
Course with Diego Bontognali
Type Design
Course avec Aurèle Sack
Editorial Design
Course with Harry Bloch
Communication of a press article
Project week with Nicole Udry
Image creation
Course avec Guy Meldem
Station Lights
Commission for the Gare du Châble
Ring My Bell
Serie of doorbells made by first year students
Network Related Design
3d Semester Project
3d Semester Project
Entering the Simulation
3d Semester Project
3d Semester Project
VR video project
Down the Rabbit Hole
VR video project