Studio project, ECAL 2014


Teacher(s): Michel Charlot

Founded over 100 years ago, the Swiss manufacturing company SIGG is mostly famous for its iconic recyclable aluminum drinking bottles.

Following recent trend surveys showing that more and more people bring food to their workplace, students from the Master in Product Design were asked to develop lunch boxes, food containers and accessories in relation to European, Asian and American cultures whilst considering SIGG’s identity. 

Information SIGG

Images scenario: ECAL/Emille Barret & Ana Varela
Other: ECAL/Nicolas Genta

Eyes only ECAL/Thibault Penven.

Cool ECAL/Carolien Niebling

Wrap ECAL/Luc Beaussart.

On soku ECAL/Takafumi Nemoto.

One Hand Sharp ECAL/Ulysse Martel

One Hand Sharp ECAL/Ulysse Martel

Eyes only ECAL/Thibault Penven