ECAL 2019


Teacher(s): Rachel Noël, Lionel Baier

On the occasion of a three-week workshop organised in the framework of the Summer University programme organised by the State of Vaud, a group of students from the ECAL Cinema Department wrote and directed four short movies (documentary and fiction) in Tokyo, in partnership with the Laboratory of Tsuchida/Kore-eda/University of de Waseda. During their stay, the students took part in the masterclasses led by Hirokazu Kore-eda. They were also supervised by filmmakers and professors such as Makoto Shinozaki, Kōji Fukada and Tamaki Tsuchida, as well as the students of Waseda. The long trip ended with a screening of the films in the Institut franco-japonais in Tokyo, hosted by the Embassy of Switerland in Japan, with the presence of Jonas Pulver, Head of Culture and Information in the Embassy.