Workshop, ECAL 2019


by 3CVPH

Teacher(s): Melanie Bonajo

"Improvisation is shit" is a performance workshop introducing role-play and improvisation techniques led by Melanie Bonajo at ECAL. During the workshop the students are challenged to negotiate again what it means to be human by way of our relationship to technology and systems of control.

The onset of the digital era and the steady increase in globalised secular values has led to sexuality as a sphere of daily life being more visible and more available than ever. Nevertheless, it seems as though people are losing the ability to make meaningful connections even in physically intimate circumstances.

What does it say about our society that many people would rather meet and then ghost a hook up rather than pay someone for a conscious orgasm? And what does it say if Capitalism is making money off of our loneliness and incapacities to source our own intimacy?

ECAL/Justine Willa, Alizée Quinche, Sofia Papaefthymiou, Caroline Perrenoud

ECAL/Steven Rüthy, David Benito Py, Sarah Koeke, Ludivine Keller

ECAL/Axel Bruniau, Emeline Courcier, Lara Ziörjen, Clara Roumégoux, Marie Noury