From 22.05.2022 to 04.09.2022
Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale

Teaming up with iconic Finnish furniture company Artek, Bachelor Industrial Design students from ECAL, under the guidance of designer Julie Richoz, present a collection of playful objects for children made from salvaged b-quality, rejected and half-finished materials and offcuts. Staying true to the spirit of Artek and its founders, the products promote conscious manufacturing and seek to highlight the natural materials that have gone into producing these designs. Presented at the Fiskars Village Art & Design Biennale – from 22 May to 4 September 2022 – at the Old Granary Building in Fiskars (Finland). Opening reception on Saturday 21 May, from 5pm.

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The resulting collection made of upcycled components features a modernist inspired dolls house, a convenient wagon to move toys and other things around, quirky plush toys in the form of fish and sea creatures, a minimalist sledge to enjoy the snowy Lapland winter, a hanging ladder to reach for the stars, mesmerising marble mazes, a tiny theatre for a spontaneous play with your best friends, and a handy clothes rack to help tidy up your children’s room after a busy day – to name just a few.

This project was made possible with the kind support of the Summer University programme of the Board of Higher Education (DGES) – State of Vaud.



Illustration Julie Richoz

Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Awake by Louise DupontImage ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

L-Bike by Shania Soares – Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Ricochets by Inès Aznar – Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Pakko by Noah Watzlawick – Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Wheeling by Marco Renna – Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Swing 60 by Aramis Rüdisühli – Image ECAL/Jasmine Deporta

Trames by Robin Lüginbühl – Image ECAL/Robin Luginbühl