Design Preis Schweiz

Design Preis Schweiz

Nov. 6, 2017, Langenthal

Congratulations to Bachelor Industrial Design graduate Jordane Vernet, who won the Rado Star Prize Switzerland for Young Talents at the occasion of Design Preis Schweiz, with her diploma project "Sterilux".

Also bravo to Thilo Alex Brunner, MAS in Design for Luxury & Crafstmanship graduate and teacher, who won the Product – Consumer Goods award with his Swiss army knife designed at ECAL and produced by Malvaux.

Finally, Lucas Uhlmann, Bachelor Industrial Design graduate, and Thibault Brevet, Bachelor Graphic Design graduate, were part of the team (Etter Studio, Digital Arts Association, Solution, Greenliff), winner of the Spatial category.

Thilo Alex Brunner