"Making FASHION Sense" exhibition with ECAL graduates, 16.01–08.03.2020, HEK, Basel

"Making FASHION Sense" exhibition with ECAL graduates
HEK, Basel

On the occasion of the exhibition " Making FASHION Sense " at HeK - Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel until 8 March 2020, two ECAL alumni presents several projects.

This exhibition showcases the radical transformation of fashion through technology. Robot arms and mixed reality, holograms and drones have all paraded down international catwalks. «Making FASHION Sense» focuses on the impact of technology upon creative processes in the fashion industry, as well as on artistic paths leading towards increasing sustainability: Fashion which makes sense.

With "BASE" (2019), presented for his BA Media & Interaction Design diploma, the Swiss designer Alfatih introduces a concept of fashion for digital spaces, and thereby an alternative fashion economy. The project includes a collection of filters for Instagram/Snapchat, a series of garments that can be used for avatars in the game Grand Theft Auto, as well as an interactive installation/performance presenting the concept of the brand BASE.

“Active Shoes” (2019) by ECAL BA Industrial Design graduate Christophe Guberan belongs to a series of “active textiles”, which uses technology to radically questiontraditional production processes. By printing on stretch fabrics of varying layer thicknesses, he develops self-assembling designs which reconfigure themselves in preprogrammed shapes.

HeK (Haus der elektronischen Künste Basel)
Freilager-Platz 9
4142 Münchenstein/Basel

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HEK, Basel
Installation view – Project by Alfatih – Making Fashion Sense, HeK Basel – Image Franz Wamhof
Installation view – Project by Alfatih – Making Fashion Sense, HeK Basel – Image Franz Wamhof


Project by Alfatih on vimeo
Installation view – Project by Christophe Guberan – Making Fashion Sense, HeK Basel – Image Franz Wamhof
Project by Christophe Guberan on vimeo