ECAL at the Youth Olympic Games – Lausanne 2020, 09–22.01.2020, Lausanne

ECAL at the Youth Olympic Games – Lausanne 2020

On the occasion of the Youth Olympic Games – Lausanne 2020 , ECAL particpates in several projects.

On the occasion of the Youth Olympic Games – Lausanne 2020, ECAL particpates in several projects:


Design of the cauldron, medal trays and podiums

The cauldron, the medal trays and the podiums are three of the most symbolic elements of the Olympic Games. Second-year Industrial Design Bachelor’s students from the ECAL were tasked with designing them. The students had to meet certain operational constraints and technical requirements:

The cauldron must be able to be supplied with wood pellets, the result of a partnership between several organisations in the Vaud region, including the Lignum Vaud, which brings together all the regional players in
the wood sector. This ecological innovation makes this cauldron the most eco-responsible in the history of the Olympic Games. It must also be removable and an integral part of the Games legacy.

The podiums would have to be assembled outside at the last minute, often on uneven ground. They needed to be solid, light and large enough for several athletes. The medal trays had to be big enough to hold both medals and mascots.

Design: ECAL (Bachelor Industrial Design)
Student: François Lafortune
Production: C-FOR! + Ecole de la construction

This cauldron project took inspiration from “freeskiing” culture, seeking to reflect it in both style and substance. Freeskiing is the world of skateparks and snowparks, with which many young people are very familiar. The installation comprises a mini jump and a ramp, with the cauldron placed at the top. The project’s designer, François, envisaged that it would be an integral part of the Opening Ceremony and that the cauldron could be lit by a freerider. After Lausanne 2020, the installation is set to be converted into part of a permanent skatepark for the people of Lausanne.

Design: ECAL (Bachelor Industrial Design)
Students: Louis Bétin + Theo Luvisotto + Estelle Rougerie
Production: Ecole de la construction

The podiums juxtapose the outlines of three mountain ranges where the competitions are being held: the Jura mountains, the Vaud Alps and the mountains of St Moritz.

Plateaux des médailles
Design and Production: (Bachelor Industrial Design)
Student: Olivia Dall’Omo

The medal trays have coverings in the colours of the official hat worn by the volunteers. “The outfit is completed by a pair of mittens. So you’ll be nice and warm, and all set to go cheer on your favourite athletes!”

Mapping of the BodyCity Show

Unique creation imagined for Lausanne en Jeux! - the animation program of the Youth Olympic Games Lausanne 2020 - BodyCity is a show where arts and urban sports meet in an impressive open-air setting, on the place Centrale of Lausanne. Five performances will take place in public on January 9, 11, 12, 18 and 19, 2020 at 6 p.m.

"Bodies in fusion with the city", it is from this strong image that Nicolas Musin directed BodyCity, a contemporary show questioning the relationship of young generations to the city. On an open-air stage representing a city in constant mutation,more than 50 performers aged between 9 and 30 years will cross their disciplines from January 9, bringing together urban arts and sports suchas skateboarding, BMX, rollerblading, scooter, parkour and dance.

Imagined within the framework of Lausanne en Jeux!, this show is above all a work of youth carried by art schools and urbandisciplines training centers established in the Lausanne conurbation. BodyCity was thus able to bring together different Lausanne actors such as the students of the ECAL (conception of video images) of the HEMU (composition of the original music and recording of the soundtrack), thedancers of the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Béjart (dance and percussion), JDS Events (hip hop, breakdance) aswell as the riders of La Fièvre and the tracers of X-Trem Move. A meeting between different cultures and disciplines that the director Nicolas Musin has managed to reunite in order to offer a unique and unprecedented show in Lausanne.


The mapping of the show was thus created by the students of the Visual Communication Department (BA Graphic Design, BA Photography, BA Media & Interaction Design) under the direction of Vincent Jacquier, Angelo Benedetto, Jean-Vincent Simonet and Mitch Paone while editing was managed by Amaury Hamon and Clément Lambelet.


Dates and schedules


Cauldron – © Lausanne 2020/CIO
Cauldron – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Cauldron Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


Podium – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Podium – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


JOJ_Remises des prix_07.jpg
Medal tray – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
BodyCity  – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
BodyCity Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
BodyCity Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
BodyCity Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
BodyCity Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez