ECAL x RBM by Flokk: The Future of School Seating, 04–07.02.2020, Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

ECAL x RBM by Flokk: The Future of School Seating
Konstnärshuset, Stockholm

On the occasion of the Stockholm Design Week from 4 to 7 February 2020, ECAL students reimagine the school chair of the future with RBM by Flokk.

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Innovative architecture, technology and design are shaping the future of education, challenging the norms for those creating learning spaces more than ever before. Danish furniture manufacturers RBM by Flokk have embarked on a semester-long design project with students from ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne (Switzerland).

“What a great challenge for the students to collaborate with an important brand in order to create future experiences based on their experiences from the past! Back to school and to the future!” says Alexis Georgacopoulos, Director of ECAL.

Based around the title, The Future of School Seating, the 1st year Master Product Design students worked with course leader and designer Camille Blin, assisted by Margo Clavier, to explore alternatives to today’s traditional school chair, specifically for children aged 6–12.

“We tasked the students at ECAL to reimagine traditional school chairs and to design a product that fits seamlessly into the operating culture of future learning environments. We know that ways of teaching and learning are more diverse than ever before and we are excited to show off some great concepts from the ECAL 1st year Master Product Design students – the next generation of super talented designers,” explains .ystein Austad, Design Manager, RBM by Flokk.

Located inside Konstnärshuset, a stunning and historical art gallery based in Central Stockholm, Education Reimagined invites visitors to experience an interactive exhibition of inspiring concepts presented by the students themselves.

Visitors to Stockholm Design week can enjoy a fascinating glimpse into how young designers envision education spaces of the future.

Special events

4th – 7th February

Smålandsgatan 7
111 46 Stockholm

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Konstnärshuset, Stockholm
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Interviews of the students
Overview – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Overview – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


LittleHigh by ECAL/Hsin-Hung Chou – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
LittleHigh by ECAL/Hsin-Hung Chou – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


Steady by ECAL/Oscar – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Steady by ECAL/Oscar – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


Roundabout by ECAL/Jonas Villiger – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Roundabout by ECAL/Jonas Villiger – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


TILT by ECAL/Julian Ribler – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
TILT by ECAL/Julian Ribler – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


Tri Pli by ECAL/Silvio Rebholz – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Tri Pli by ECAL/Silvio Rebholz – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


Schulstuhl by ECAL/Alexander Schul – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Schulstuhl by ECAL/Alexander Schul – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


Swivel by ECAL/Till Ronacher – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez
Swivel by ECAL/Till Ronacher – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachezill Ronacher Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez


Connect by ECAL/Charlotta Åman – Image ECAL/Jimmy Rachez