ECAL and La Fémis at Louxor, Paris, 14.02.2019, Louxor, Paris

ECAL and La Fémis at Louxor, Paris
Louxor, Paris

L’ECAL et La Fémis adorent le Louxor In order to celebrate more than thirty years of collaboration between La Fémis (National School of Image and Sound, Paris) and ECAL, we are pleased to invite you to the screening of six movies from the last five promotions (Bachelor Cinema ECAL - Montage Department La Fémis) on Thursday 14 February 2019 at 6:45pm at Luxor - Palais du Cinéma (Room 2), Paris.

Free entrance by reservation:

Suspendu by Elie Grappe, 2015, 15’
Editing: Félix Rehm

Valet noir by Lora-Mure Ravaud, 2017, 23’
Editing: Suzanna Pedro

Ici le chemin des ânes by Lou Rambert-Preiss, 2018, 23’
Editing: Gabrielle Stemmer

Blind date à la juive by Anaëlle Morf, 2015, 16’
Editing: Souliman Schelfout

Nirin by Josua Hotz, 2015, 16’
Editinge: Youri Tchao-Debats

Discipline by Christophe M. Saber, 2014, 12’
Editing: Jonathan Vinel

Cocktail at 10pm

Le Louxor – Palais du cinéma
170 Boulevard de Magenta
75010 Paris


Visual: ECAL/Bilal Sebei Fonte: ECAL/Matthieu Visentin

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Louxor, Paris