Designing Writing symposium at ECAL, 01–03.06.2017, ECAL, Renens

Designing Writing symposium at ECAL
ECAL, Renens

Designing Writing – An editosensorial event at the crossroads of graphic design & literature and publishing & poetry

Designing Writing
June 1, 2, 3 – ECAL
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is an editosensorial event at the crossroads of graphic design & literature and publishing & poetry

is three days of conversations & propositions and production & distribution bringing together anthropologists, artists, authors, curators, graphic designers, historians, theorists, type designers, poets and publishers — voices speaking from the past or the present, both dead and alive

is part of the eponymous ECAL research programme, investigating forms and modalities of writing to come

is Reading at the ECAL Library with Fabrice Mabime

is Assembling at the ECAL Printshop with Alexis Hominal, Simon Mager, Roman Seban

is Liberating with Izet Sheshivari

is Meditating at secret locations, secret schedule with Åbäke, Félicia Atkinson, Olivier Lebrun, Alice Vodoz & Eilean Friis-Lund

is Talking at the IKEA Auditorium
Sara De Bondt, Julia Born, Thierry Chancogne, Marcelline Delbecq, Pierre Déléage, Sophie Demay, Craig Dworkin, Christophe Jacquet, Christian Joschke, Robert Lzicar, Louis Lüthi, Philippe Millot, John Morgan, Camille Pageard, Muriel Pic, Manuel Raeder, François Rappo, Joanna Schaffer & Vincent Sahli

is Meeting at the Gallery l’elac
<o> future <o>, Boabooks, Bom Dia Boa Tarde Boa Noite, Cent Pages, Dent-De-Leone, Eastside Projects, Four Corners Books, Héros-Limite, Information as Material, Éditions Macula, Éditions Mix., Occasional Papers, OEI, Onomatopee, Paraguay Press, Presses du Réel, Primary Information, Rollo Press, Roma Publications, Section 7 Books, Shelter Press, Spector Books, Triest Verlag, Tombolo Presses, Ugly Duckling Presse

is a project proposed by Alexandru Balgiu

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ECAL/University of Art and Design Lausanne
5, avenue du Temple
1020 Renens, Switzerland


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ECAL, Renens
Schedule and more information:
Schedule and more information:
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Schedule and more information: