ECAL LECTURE – El Pampero Cine, 24.01.2024, Leenaards Auditorium, ECAL

ECAL LECTURE – El Pampero Cine
Leenaards Auditorium, ECAL

More than just a production company, El Pampero Cine was born in 2002 from the desire of a group of people to experiment and renew the procedures and practices of Argentine cinema. In conference at the ECAL, Wednesday 13 October 2024 at 6.00pm. 

Part of the formidable revival known as the "New Argentine Cinema", the collective produced  films of international renown, such as La Flor (2018), Castro (2009) and Trenque Lauquen (2022), always with a radical economic approach.  

El Pampero Cine's influence is not confined to aesthetics: its revolution affects above all forms of production and exhibition. Since Balnearios, in 2002, El Pampero Cine has developed a production system based on radical independence from conventional funding sources, which has enabled them to produce consistently fertile output.  

Historias Extraordinarias confirms that El Pampero Cine has imposed a new way of producing in Argentina, working with budgets that are significantly lower than the smallest industrial productions, without this inferiority of conditions having anything to do with the technical or aesthetic quality of the works.  

El Pampero Cine is made up of Mariano Llinás, Laura Citarella, Agustín Mendilaharzu and Alejo Moguilansky, Argentine directors, editors, writers and producers. 


In the presence of Alejo Moguillansky & Mariano Llinás,
Argentine filmmakers co-founders of El Pampero Cine 

Moderated by Andreas Fontana, director 


Free entry


Leenaards Auditorium, ECAL