Collaboration with Christofle 2011

Collaboration with Christofle 2011

For the second collaboration with the Master of Advanced Studies in Design for Luxury and Craftsmanship department (workshop led by designer Xavier Perrenoud), Christofle asked the students to reflect on a subject important to them: the birth gift, and more generally, the world of childhood.

Collaboration (2011) by Daniel Martinez, Guillaume Sasseville, Sophie Depéry

Xavier Perrenoud

Christofle is known for its silver tumblers, egg cups, napkin rings and baby cutlery. These beautiful objects are full of emotion, symbols of cultural and family transmission, and accompany those who receive them throughout their lives.

Traditional or even quasi-institutional, how can these objects be reinvented? How can the timeless qualities of silver be preserved while bringing more lightness, poetry and humour into the creation? With great sensitivity, the ECAL students have taken an offbeat, playful and tender look at this demanding brief. The result: 13 unexpected creations, all of which are full of deliciously retro nostalgia, but whose inventiveness and unique creative universe remind us that they are very much of their time.

BELLS  ECAL/Daniel Martinez
BELLS  ECAL/Daniel Martinez
JUMP  ECAL/Guillaume Sasseville