Alexandre Grognuz – Rocklub 


Alexandre Grognuz – Rocklub 

by Alexandre Grognuz

Through my diploma work, I became interested in creating a visual identity for a rock club. So I thought about the kind of support a club needed. This is how I began production of a newspaper that goes out every month and contains the programme of events and concerts. I also found it interesting to make posters that would be used as a communication support for the club. Creating the newspaper, I therefore anticipated that if one removes the staples, the newspaper turns into posters. It has a dual utility (programme and posters) to better encounter the needs of a music club. To avoid having too smooth a visual identity, and therefore to have something that matches with to the place I chose, I started to create a typography by hand using the photocopy machine and a cutter. I cut shapes and letters in order to create a typeface. This technique allowed me to experiment and discover new forms. So I kept this technique for the creation of the newspaper and posters. I tried to take advantage of the photocopy machine and paper cutter, and to turn the defects, disadvantages and contingencies of both techniques into assets. I really love this technique which allowed me to work differently and as little as possible with my computer. A technique which allowed me to experiment and discover more things with very few props. Alexandre Grognuz