Open Days 2018 – Print Shop


Open Days 2018 – Print Shop

Workshop with Eilean Friis-Lund, Amaury Hamon, Thomas Le Provost, Benjamin Plantier

Offset Tuning Perfumed cardboards for vehicles. Realised by Pauline Mayor, André Teixeira, Théo Marielle and Loïc Volkart (3CVdg) Offset printed. O' Ciuccio Letterpress posters Realised by Eliott Villars (2CVph) and Simon Jaton (2AV) Printed on a printing press. UNTITLED Letterpress posters Realised by Guillaume Besson, Lucas Haussener and Kenza Saleh (1CVdg) Printed on a printing press. Book, Tale, Page, Read Hot-Foil bookmarks Realised by Eilean Friis-Lund, Amaury Hamon and Thomas Le Provost (Teaching Assistants in Bachelor Graphic Design) Hot-foil printed