Boris Meister – Above the Cloud


Boris Meister – Above the Cloud

by Boris Meister

Above the Cloud is an atlas about archeology on the social networks, death and digital marks left in distress on the internet. “I try to serve this complex subject and, above all, to explain it by creating a coherent object, both in its structure, its images and its layout. I play with the general idea of the atlas and I use different languages (associations of images, illustrations, data visualisation) to create an "atmosphere" favorable to the understanding of the subject, and, in the end, make a book "object" which might have several levels of interpretation. This is a work of graphic design, art direction, editorial research and a statement of my opinion on the status of the printed book. By providing special care to the finish of the object and its materiality (a cover made of glass, mixed paper, ...) I would like to create something simple but captivating and intriguing. This way, I want to say how I see a media (the book) whose status is now more than ever under debate.” Boris Meister