de Nicola

EXECAL Resident at La Becque in September 2021 - MA Fine Arts graduate 2018

Caterina de Nicola


Caterina De Nicola (MA Arts Visuels) resorts to fiction, writing, sound and object investigation, to shape formal and discursive patterns, by developing an analysis of symbols and motifs, as well as their circulation in a larger cultural system. As a dj and producer, she is mostly affiliated with the Zürich based music label and collective Czarnagora. In her residency project, straddling fictional writing and sound investigation, and focusing on techniques of mythopoiesis, she will aim to generate tales of extreme horror and gore, influenced by a historical and social survey of the local surrounding.


Workshops Propédeutique


Workshops Propédeutique

Exposition de travaux d'étudiant·e·s à l'elac (l’espace lausannois d’art contemporain) à l'occasion d'une semaine de workshops en Année Propédeutique.