Emeline Courcier – Under the Ashes of the Mekong


Emeline Courcier – Under the Ashes of the Mekong

Diploma project by Emeline Courcier

Mention Excellent / Prix Elinchrom. Under the Ashes of the Mekong is a film that questions the coexistence of opposed traditions and cultures, life and death, and the confrontation between history and individual stories. Against the backdrop of the health crisis and anti-Asian racism, family ties are revealed through conversations questioning my place as a Viet Kieu daughter and my lineage. Through our beliefs in reincarnation, I project myself onto a familiar yet foreign figure: my mother’s cousin, who drowned in the Mekong, creating a link between past and present, war and peace, words and silence. It is through traumatic memory and psychological heritage that the after-effects of a war from which my family escaped reach me, taking precedence in my dreams and my mind.