EXECAL Resident at La Becque in july 2022 - BA Graphic Design graduate 2008

Emmanuel Crivelli


Art director and graphic designer, Emmanuel Crivelli explores the editorial world by questioning paper and digital formats. After his studies in graphic design at ECAL, he works with Philippe Jarrigeon and Sylvain Menétrey for the magazine Dorade - "Revue galante, photographie et formes critiques", which won the Swiss Design Awards in 2012. He then creates, in collaboration with an editorial team, POV Paper and POV magazine, which deal with gender and sexualities. In 2018, he won the mandate from the Federal Office of Culture to create the visual identity of the Swiss Design Awards until 2021. This project becomes a digital editorial content lab, with interactive articles, talks and live chats.


My First Kiss


My First Kiss

with Emmanuel Crivelli

Poster design about "My First Kiss", with Emmanuel Crivelli (Dual Room). All the students wrote down their first kiss story. Following this, all stories were anonymously shared before being redistributed.