Dye City


Dye City

with MAP, Letha Wilson, Ethan Greenbaum

Dye City New York is an inescapable place of the world's artistic and photographic scene, and is experiencing an unprecedented effervescence in the revival of conceptual art. After the strong dematerialization of photographic practice, many artists working in New York have taken advantage of the technological upheaval to break the codes and social norms of photographic devices and objects. Without a doubt, the dynamic spatial framework of New York gives artists and art establishments a frenzied impulse of research and experimentation on the photographic medium.The students were able to follow a week-long workshop with Letha Wilson and Ethan Greenbaum, two renowned American artists working on the concept of three dimensions of the photographic image, enabling students to develop their knowledge of printing techniques but also their relation to the realisation of a physical work with few means of production and very short schedule.The result of the workshop was presented in Ethan Greenbaum's workshop in Long Island on Friday, May 12th as a collective exhibition where all the students showed them their successful project.In addition, students were able to benefit from a wide selection of artists' meetings and visits to workshops, museums and galleries, their best references and dreams with a view to achieving free artistic work. The boundaries that the photographic medium observes.