Evelyn Schellenberg – Gaudopolis


Evelyn Schellenberg – Gaudopolis

by Evelyn Schellenberg

Gaudopolis is a fictional country where everything is based on the shape of a hexagon. Without showing it explicitly, I make the reader imagine what this country could look like, where it could be or how living there would feel like. The imagery is mostly very simple vector drawings leaving enough room for the beholder's imagination. Almost every aspect of Gaudopolis is regulated and all succumbs to a greater whole. Using the example of ants and bees, a society can only flourish if everything is completely structured and ordered. However, my proposition does not imply any affiliation to whatever side of the political spectrum; except that Gaudopolis is a constitutional monarchy. This project taught me that as a graphic designer we can steer the reader or the observer in any direction we want. We are able to manipulate. For me this aspect of graphic design was very intriguing. In combination with certain images the story forms automatically inside our head and we make associations due to our common way of thinking. Evelyn Schellenberg